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Et in Arcadia Ego - I too, am in Arcadia.

Silver Arcadia is accepting applications.
Estimated start date is June 9, 2007


Story: When worlds die...

And one by one, the stars go out.

In the darkness of space, an entity moves, unchallenged and unhampered, between the stars. Once, on a world that has now perished, it was given a name: Jenova.

Some say that it is old, older than time itself. And where it goes, it leaves a trail of fire and death behind. Once flourishing worlds are sucked dry. Once green landscapes are left blackened and barren, completely devoid of life. Stone, not rot, claims the bodies.

...Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

But not all is lost, for some survive the carnage, escaping ere the end. Mysterious silver ships arrive on these worlds, retrieving what refugees they may. Unmanned, these ships go where they will, scattering throughout the galaxy. But their ultimate destination is the same: a planet called Arcadia -- a barren, dangerous place, but one that has seemingly escaped the notice of the entity. For now.

There the refugees gather. And strange things are afoot, for they account amongst their number not only different people from different worlds, but some who were dead, some who belonged to different times, and yet others who know not why they are there or whether their world still lives.

Arcadia itself is a mystery. Its wild planes swarm with monsters, but its cities are lifeless, until the first of the refugees arrive. An AI known only as Central keeps the system ticking like clockwork, but of the original inhabitants, there is no clue, and Central is not telling.

And still Jenova moves on, seeking new worlds. It is only a matter of time, they say, before she turns her malevolent eyes on Arcadia itself. And then the last sanctuary will crumble, and night will come.


Silver Arcadia is a pan-fandom RPG, based in a apocalyptic scenario – where all life in the galaxy is at risk. No background knowledge of any series is required, and game-play focuses mainly on events on the planet Arcadia itself, although characters may travel offworld in ships provided by the controlling AI.

Build a home in the new world, uncover the secrets of Arcadia, find a way to oppose Jenova... or even join her? The options are numerous, but time is finite.

At present, various events have led to the controlling AI going down. A new party has arisen, seeking to take Arcadia by force, condemning the city to chaos in the absence of its caretaker.

This RPG is slash friendly, and membership is restricted to those 13 or older.


Gameplay (The Technical Aspects):
Gameplay centres mainly around Livejournal with support from chat programs.

+ Character journals function like Livejournals – posts should be in first person, and replies should be the same.
+ Prose should be left for logs, which are to be posted in the main silver_arcadia community.

Logs may be in short-form or long-form, and should be in past tense.

- An example of short-form would be:
* He woke up.* “Ow.” * He rubbed his head. * (Action quotation marks should be used.)

- An example of long-form would be:
He woke up. “Ow,” he said, rubbing his head. (Action quotation marks should not be used.)

Generally, long-form logs are more enjoyable to read, and are highly encouraged. Seeing that they can be terribly time consuming, however, we’re willing to accommodate short-form. However, please try to avoid grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

+ AIM, MSN, or any other chat program may be used to supplement gameplay.
Typically, such programs (we recommend AIM, which can be obtained for free) are used to facilitate communication between players. Players may also choose to RP in real time on them, in which case the log should be posted in the silver_arcadia community. The same rules apply.

Starting out
Upon starting out, your character will typically be met by another character, or a group of them. This does depend on how you indicate you want your character to start out.

Your character will thus be brought up to speed on the RP, events, and get to make some friends, whereupon they will (typically) be brought to Arcadia Central, where they’ll be let loose on the rest of the community.

Thereafter, it’s up to you.

Arcadia is a player-driven RPG. That is, players dictate what kind of experience they prefer to have (plot-driven or focusing more on character interaction).

There is an overall plot, which will revealed to players only in stages. However, this is only a broad outline, and within its constraints, players are free to do what they will. Information on the world and the technology is provided – if it is not, players may obtain it ICly from other characters who may be in the know, or OOCly from the mods, if we choose to dispense it.

We are extremely open to suggestions from players and seek to work with you to engineer the kind of RP experience that you're looking for. Subplots need not be approved so long as they have the consent of all players involved. If they will, however, affect a large number of people and/or have wide-reaching ramifications (e.g. blowing up part of the city, or have effects observable by other characters), please clear it with the mods first.

Things to Do
- There is arcadia_central, the central AI that drives the cities on Arcadia and the ships. It may be approached with questions, but it may not answer. It will also give out assignments from time to time. Players who are bored are thus encouraged to establish contact. The easiest way is to post something on your character journal addressed to the AI.

- There is a mystery behind Arcadia, which players are encouraged to attempt to unravel ICly. There is an answer to the big question of ‘why were we brought here’, and hints are and will be scattered around.

- Not all the areas of Arcadia are explored. Characters may start up exploration threads. Consultation with the mods is advised to plan what may appear.

- Central has absolute control over the planet, and may occasionally mess things up. Check the news community for event posts!


Contact Information

General Contact: arcadia.moderators AT gmail.com

El, elvaron | AIM: ethanus | Email: elvaron AT split-infinity.org

PC, peacefulchaos | AIM: Spirit Kadaj | Email: aidan.willowtree at gmail.com
Celes, celes_grant | AIM: densetsulink
Chauni, chauni | AIM: SpoiledPrezRufus
Hane, hane | AIM: Hane Shinohara


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